Over 160,000 signatures collected so far for referendum

Since Saturday, when a referendum petition drive was launched against monetisation of the debt incurred by state-owned motorway operators, over 160,000 signatures have been collected, two activists of the civil society group that organised the drive told a news conference in Zagreb on Tuesday.

Teodor Celakoski and Mijat Stanic expressed satisfaction with the pace of collection of signatures in the first four days, elaborating that by signing the petition citizens were showing their disapproval of the current government.

Stanic dismissed the government’s ultimatums about the failure of other transport investments such as the Peljesac Bridge in the event the motorway debt monetisation was not implemented.

“The statement that there will be no Peljesac bridge simply does not hold water as 85% of funds for that bridge will be provided by the EU funds,” Stanic said.

Celakoski recalled that the government’s proposal about debt monetisation was not well thought-out.

“It is an ad hoc situation of an irresponsible government that is trying to save its failed policy with our future,” he said.

Asked about alternatives to the debt monetisation, Stanic said that the HAC and ARZ motorway operators could reschedule their debts or issue new bonds.