Only one in three state companies publishes donations

The national anti-corruption council on Tuesday welcomed progress made in the implementation of anti-corruption measures in state-run companies, but it warned that it was unacceptable that even two thirds of such companies did not make public donations and sponsorships they received.

“Sponsorships and donations have been considerably reduced compared to previous periods, they still stand at some 35 million kuna, which is not small money. It is worrisome that only one third of companies make them public,” Vesna Fabijanic Krizanic of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) said during a debate on how state companies implemented counter-corruption measures in the 2011-2012 period.

She also called for the inclusion of companies owned by local government units in the next report of this kind, given they they also use public money.

Entrepreneur Branko Roglic said he was in favour of banning any private sponsorships and donations to state-owned companies.

Labour Party leader Nansi Tireli agreed with Roglic, and she also pointed out as a problem the fact that data on some companies were unavailable for the report.