What is Gong?

Gong is a civil society organization focused on enhancing democratic processes and institutions as well as developing democratic political culture and encouraging active and responsible participation of citizens in political processes, particularly in decision-making processes related to good governance of public and collective property, protection and promotion of the rule of law, human rights and solidarity.

Gong was founded in 1997 as an initiative of citizens organized to monitor elections, but by today has widened the methodology to conducting research and analysis, education, information sharing and public advocacy. The use of uppercase letters for years gave the impression that it was still an abbreviation, so at the Assembly at the end of 2018 Gong decided to use only lowercase letters in the name. GONG officially became Gong in early 2019, when amendments to the Statute came into force, which changed the way the organization’s name is written.

Gong’s Statute

Gong’s Statute.

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Gong is a partner in these coalitions of civil society: 

Gong is a member in these public bodies:

Gong’s representatives are members of the following working groups:

  • Operational Programme Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020 (OPEHR) Monitoring Committee

Gong’s representatives took part in the following:

  • Drafting the Act on Amendments to the Act on Freedom of Information
  • Drafting the Law on conflict of interest prevention
  • Drafting the Act on Amendments to the Law on Voters’ Lists
  • Drafting the Act on Amendments to the Law on Local Elections
  • Drafting the Act on Amendments to the Law on Local and Regional Self-governments
  • Drafting the Act on Amendments to the Law on financing political activities and election campaigns
  • Drafting the Act on Amendments to the Financing of Political Parties and Election Campaigns
  • Drafting the Act on Amendments to the Law on Volunteering
  • Drafting the National Curriculum on Civic Education
  • Drafting the Law on financial management and accounting Non-Profit Organizations
  • Drafting the Law on Lobbying
  • Thematic working groups programming of EU funds
  • Expert working group to assess needs and making possible amendments to the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest
  • Coordination working group for drafting Anti-Corruption Strategy