Politics for people – not profit!

Many of our national laws start life at the EU level and big corporations and the banks spend hundreds of millions of euros every year to ensure that EU policy-making meets their needs– and it works. But Europe’s citizens can take action at politicsforpeople.eu says ALTER – EU.

Meanwhile people like us lose out. The big banks have avoided effective regulation despite causing the economic crisis which has caused so many real hardship; internet firms have weakened proposals aimed at safeguarding our data online; climate policies have been downgraded threatening our children’s future; the big arms companies have grabbed EU research funding; and EU trade deals consistently put profits before people.You can change this situation.

All members of the European Parliament will be newly-elected in May 2014. Make sure the candidates pledge to stand-up for democracy and Europe’s citizens. Take action today and demand that future MEPs sign our pledge at politicsforpeople.eu