Growing number of irregularities at polling stations

Zagreb, 19.05.2013 - Nešto više od 3, 7 milijuna biraèa danas bira lokalne dužnosnike za iduæe èetiri godine. Na slici biraèko mjesto u Mjesnom odboru Malešnica. foto FaH/ Lana SLIVAR DOMINIÆ/ lsd

GONG, a nongovernmental organisation in charge of monitoring election processes in Croatia has received an increasing number of complaints about irregularities in the election process, most of these are related to the unprofessional behaviour of election committees, violation of the election black-out and two incidents of alleged attempts to buy votes, a report released by GONG at 4 pm notes.

Citizens reported two separate cases where candidates allegedly offered money if voters photographed their vote for them.

Several cases have been reported where election committees advised voters who to vote for or that booths did not provide privacy during the voting process.

Most complaints received refer to violation of the election black-out which is in force until polling booths close at 7 pm.

GONG monitors have organised 33 mobile teams who have been deployed to some “critical” ponts at polling stations to report irregularities.