What happens behind the closed doors of the European Union?

Citizens’ have a right to know what the decisions MEPs are and what decisions are made by the European Commission. How to handle corridors of the administration of the European Union, see the Access Info’s Guide to access EU documents.

Guide to access EU documents contains detailed information about the fundamental right of access to information of the European Union, and includes step-by-step instructions on how to file a claim or an appeal.  The Guide also contains tips for arguing against non-disclosure as well as information about appealing to the European Ombudsman or the Court of Justice of the European Union.

A simple tool to search for information is web page AsktheEU.org through which citizens can ask certain bodies of the European Union, and they are required to respond within 15 days. To a response, that is sent on mail to a citizen who asked for a information and is published on the website, can be filed the appeal or citizens’ can seek for a clarification.

Since launching application from March 2013, to the EU authorities was sent more than 400 requests for information. The poll “EU Citizens” demonstrates that 86 percent of citizens want detailed information about how EU money is spent, while 85 percent believe that Member States’ negotiations should be open to the public. The poll shows that citizens are concerned about the influence of business lobbyists on EU decision-making with 80 percent stating there should be mandatory regulation of lobbying. Detailed results of the survey refer to the report “The Citizens’ Report”.