How can EU citizens vote in local elections in Croatia?

Citizens of other EU member states living in Croatia need to register by April 15 in order to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming local elections on May 16.

All citizens of the European Union have a certain set of legally guaranteed rights throughout the EU. Such status gives them the right to vote and stand as a candidate in local and European elections in another EU Member State in which they live. Such rights cannot be exercised by citizens from non-EU countries. In other words, in Croatia, an Italian can vote in local elections, but not a Moroccan, Bulgarian can vote, but not a Montenegrin.

In Croatia, the Law on the Right of Citizens of Other EU Member States in Elections for Representative Bodies in Local and Regional Self-Government Units regulates the manner in which foreign citizens may run and vote in local elections.

Citizens of the other EU Member States who have registered residence or temporary residence in Croatia need to register in order to be able to exercise their right to vote in the local elections in May 2021.

Registration is done by submitting an request for entry on the electoral roll (Registar birača) no later than 30 days before election day to the competent administrative body (check here) according to the place of residence or stay in the Republic of Croatia. Given that local elections will be held on Sunday, May 16 2021, the application deadline is April 15 2021.

When registering, it is necessary to enclose a completed form of request (find here) legalised by a notary stating the nationality, and the address of residence in Croatia, a statement (find here) that the applicant is not deprived of voting rights in the country of origin and a copy of identity card or passport.

Once this request is submitted, the voter remains registered in the voter roll even after the elections. To be removed from the register, a person needs to submit the request or it is done automatically in case of moving out of the country.