50 Questions from YOU to the EU

Citizen participation is one of the key elements in the establishment and development of modern society representing the interests of all citizens, social groups and society as a whole.

In order to find the best practice examples across three EU Member States and two accession countries on modalities of citizen participation in decision-making, as well as to find ways to support increased participation and answer the biggest challenges and perspectives at the local, national or EU level, European research has been conducted in Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Spain.

The total of 288 citizens took part in the social media campaign in all five partnering countries and left 367 comments and questions on the following topics: Good governance, EU accession process, Environmental protection, Freedom of media, Fake news, Personal data protection, EU funds, Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union etc.

This publication provides an overview of 50 key citizens’ questions about important political, economic and social processes which should be highly positioned on the national and the EU agenda, together with the answers of targeted decision-makers.

An integral part of publication are the conclusions we have reached, both in the phase of social network campaign and in the phase of gathering answers from decision makers. The general recommendations for improving citizens’ communication with decision – makers are also given, as well as recommendations for increasing citizen participation in decision- making process.

The authors of the publication are Belgrade Open School (Serbia), Gong (Croatia), Institute Alternative (Montenegro), PINA (Slovenia), and Access Info Europe (Spain).