Questions for Dubravka Šuica that she needs to answer

Before Dubravka Šuica takes over the duty as a vice-president of European Commission and becomes commissioner for demography and democracy, Gong finds crucial that she comes forward about the content of her mandate. During hearings of candidates for EU Commissioners Ms Šuica should be asked these questions:

Democracy, equality, and the rule of law

How does she think she will be able to take care of the future of democracy in the EU when the Croatian Government is drowning in corruption scandals? How does she see her mission to defend the rule of law and the way she voted on Act 7 for Hungary? In addition, how will she protect the human rights and equality when she voted against two resolutions on gender equality (Estrela report and Zuber report) in the European Parliament?

Origin of her “disproportionate assets”

How did she, with a career of a public servant and public official, and her spouse, now retired sea captain, earn assets worth five millions euros (villa in Dubrovnik, the houses at Pelješac and in Cavtat, apartment in Zagreb, apartment in Dubrovnik, a holiday house in Hercegovina, yachts and three cars), as the media claim?

Lack of transparency

Tax administration investigators in Croatia were interested in the difference between, allegedly, a million and a half euros between the income and property values of Šuica family. Why doesn’t she publish documents on her legal battle with tax authorities in the last decade as well as her Declaration of Assets from 2000 to 2011 when she was serving as an MP in Croatian Parliament and as Mayor of Dubrovnik?

If the EU should remain focused on making its governing institutions more transparent and democratic, than It is extremely important for such a high-ranking politician to be fully transparent.