MEGA Campaign: Make Europe Great for All!

As Europe undergoes many political changes and important decisions are to be made, the European Civic Forum and its member organizations such as GONG want to ensure that the processes are democratic and inclusive of all Europeans.

The European Civic Forum – ECF is a transnational network that brings together over 100 associations and NGOs across 27 countries in Europe, actively working on issues such as citizenship education, defense of Human Rights, environment projection and the advocacy of Democracy. Moreover, it strives to foster civic engagement thus contributing to the emergence of a European public sphere where the role and influence of civil society are fully recognized.

GONG is a member of the ECF that had the opportunity to participate in the European Civic Days hosted by the ECF in Sofia, Bulgaria, from 29th to 31st May 2018, to address burning topics like digital democracy in the EU and the shrinking civic space. This is one among many projects the ECF has organized throughout the past year.

Ongoing Make Europe Great for All (MEGA) campaign is based on the premise that the collective well-being has been undermined by both a decade of crisis and EU policies that do not properly address social needs and populist responses. According to Eurobarometer, “48% of Europeans are dissatisfied with the way democracy works in their country.” Consequently, the campaign aims to promote values like democracy, solidarity, equality and inclusiveness and engage with a wide network of civic organizations, local communities, human rights defenders, journalists, trade unions and businesses to formulate claims and submit proposals to future candidates running in the next European elections. GONG is proud to participate in the European Civic Forum’s initiative to Make Europe Great for All.