Call for expressions of interest

Are you a full-stack digital agency, preferably in Croatia? Are you really good at your job? Do you have a passion for crafting software with a social purpose? Awesome. Read on.

GONG is looking for a technical partner for an ambitious project called “Mosaic of Influence” — funded by Google’s Digital News Initiative, the Mosaic is creating an online database of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) in Croatia. This is a long-term project: we aim to launch the beta by end of 2017, and intensely test it in 2018, to launch the final version by mid-2018.

We’re looking for expressions of interest — not full proposals — because we want to understand how you work, what drives you, and whether there’s a good match with GONG’s values and our Mosaic team. We will select the best expressions of interest for an interview and a formal proposal.

There are lots of moving pieces in a project like this: learning what the audiences want, gathering and cleaning data, powering the website through a solid, well-designed backend, presenting it in the best possible way, testing testing testing, etc. Some of these tasks will be carried out by the Mosaic team (like UX research, gathering data); others will be developed by you. This is why we are keen to find the best fit — we will work together for a long time, and want to have an enthusiastic partner, rather than a service provider.

Please send us a brief overview, maximum 3 pages, answering the following:

  • Who are you?
  • What makes you interested in such a project?
  • How does your team work? Briefly explain your planning and development process, and how it is split between team members. Also mention who will be communicating with GONG – since it’s a long term project, we want to understand who are the humans that will be communicating the most
  • Would you be open to one or more team members working on site, in tight contact with the Mosaic team?
  • How do you prefer to quote prices and schedule payments? No need for specific quotes, but we’d like to know how you usually plan and manage budgets.


The deadline is 5th May, 2017