Philanthropy for human rights

The project aims at strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations and promotion of an enabling environment for the sector to protect and promote human rights.

This goal will be achieved through the implementation of specific objectives of the project:

(1) increase the capacity of civil society organizations and human rights in the development
of relations of trust and cooperation with the citizens and the business sector;

(2) to increase the understanding of human rights issues and opportunities for contribution
 to their protection among socially responsible companies, and

(3) to develop innovative channels of communication and mobilization of resources for the
 protection of human rights among NGOs, citizens, the media and the business sector.

The project combines the methods of comparative analysis of best practices and stakeholder analysis with the methods of participatory planning, pilot implementation and evaluation of new tools, especially in the field of ICT tools, fundraising and communications of human rights NGOs with citizens and the business sector, and training and technical assistance for the business sector and CSOs, journalists and editors in order to increase capacity for philanthropic activity.

The project is funded by the EEA and Kingdom of Norway grants for civil society organisations, administered in Croatia by the National foundation for civil society development.