Enough with the hatred!

Zagreb, 10.06.2013 - Hrvatski æe sabor u sutrašnjem nastavku zasjedanja razmotriti konaèni tekst zakona o porezu na dodanu vrijednost (PDV), kojim je, meðu ostalim, previðena niža stopa PDV-a za dio dnevnih novina. Arhivska fotografija od dana 31.07.2008. godine prikazuje razne dnevne novine u Hrvatskoj. foto FaH/ Dario GRZELJ/ ik

In order to contribute to he recognition and condemnation of discriminatory public speech by civil society organisations and the general public, especially young people, GONG, Human rights House Zagreb and the Association for independent media culture (publisher of web portal H-Alter) are jointly implementing a project entitled Enough with the hatred!, from October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016.

The specific objectives of the project are:

1. Point to specific examples of various forms of unacceptable public speech, from overt hate speech which is subject to criminal sanctions, through discriminatory speech which supports social prejudice and stigma against minority groups, to ‘inflammatory’ speech which expresses intolerance and normalizes violence, whether any of these forms of speechused publicly and disseminated through the media or the media reporting (articles, reports etc.) itself is inflammatory or discriminatory in nature.

2. Train CSO representatives and youth to detect and react to discriminatory/hate speech and react to it through submissions to the competent public bodies.

Based on media monitoring, the projec team will compose monthly monitoring reports and reactions to those individuals/media/groups who use hate speech and disseminate discriminatory messages.

In order to enable the general public to make submissions to the competent public bodies about journalists and media whose work constitutes or incites to hatred, violence or discrimination – and do so in a simple fashion – the project team will establish a platform for simple submissions on hate speech and discriminatory speech to the proper authorities (Ethical Committee of the Croatian Journalists’ Association, Agency for Electronic Media and Council for Electronic Media, the Users’ Commissioner of the Croatian Radiotelevision, ombudspersons’ offices…).

The project is funded by the EEA and Kingdom of Norway grants for civil society organisations, administered in Croatia by the National foundation for civil society development.