No fingers crossed behind back – NO to historic revisionism!

A revisionist relationship to Antifascist history is not only a Croatian problem, although that is no comfort. “Unusual” changes to history are also an issue in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. Despite everything, however, there are “resistance movements” that are trying to preserve Antifascism as a pledge from the past to the future – this was the message from GONG’s conference of the same name held in the Croatian Journalists Association on May 7 – a day before the 70th anniversary since the liberation of Zagreb and the victory over Fascism.

Read the conference reports turned into journalist articles:

INFLUENCE OF POLITICS AND IDEOLOGY “Three distinct histories taught in B-H regarding Fascism and Antifascism”

SILENCE THROUGHOUT THE HISTORY OF CRIME “When human beings are silent, the inhuman are free to take lives!”

A REFUSAL OF THE CRIMINAL REVISION OF HISTORY “A media scene of intolerance, indifference and sensitive media frivolities”

AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE Who stands to benefit from a “reworking” of history?

SICK OBSESSION WITH CHANGE An absurdity to end all absurdities – how Valter and the “Written Off” were “actually” Četniks

FINGERS CROSSED BEHIND BACK Antifascism in Montenegro – a fundamental value or a pre-election trick?

A REVIEW OF THE REPRESENTATIONS IN HISTORY TEXTBOOKS Montenegro and Antifascism – meaning, misconceptions and perspectives

The articles were published thanks to co-funding from the Europe for Citizens Programme.