Parliament Speaker announces new session of Sabor

Zagreb, 05.06.2013 - Zastupnici glasuju tijekom sjednice Hrvatskog sabora. foto FaH/ Tomislav PAVLEK /ds

This year’s first regular session of parliament will start on January 21 and is scheduled to run for ten weeks, Parliament Speaker Josip Leko announced after a meeting of the parliament’s presidency on Tuesday.

Leko explained that now that the Christmas break was over the parliament would continue with its usual schedule of two sessions in the spring and two in the autumn, with four sessions when lawmakers can put forward their questions.

There are currently 75 items on the agenda that will be treated according to priority, Leko said, adding that the lawmakers would first discuss legislation pertaining to finances and government measures, followed by European legislation and various reports.

“I expect that in keeping with its powers and responsibilities the Sabor will follow the needs of Croatian society and the state and conduct their duties as required,” he said.