Polling booths for Croatia’s presidential poll to be in 50 countries apart from Croatia

Zagreb, 19.05.2013 - Žena glasuje tijekom lokalnih izbora na kojima nešto više od 3, 7 milijuna biraèa bira lokalne dužnosnike za iduæe èetiri godine. foto FaH/ Damir SENÈAR /ds

In addition to polling stations in Croatia, Croatian voters will be able to vote in the forthcoming presidential election on 28 December at 90 polling stations in 50 other countries, the State Electoral Commission (DIP) said on Wednesday.

Croatian nationals eligible to vote in the presidential election will be able to vote at 15 polling stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina: two at the Croatian Embassy in Sarajevo and ten polling stations at the Croatian consulate in Mostar, two in Tuzla and one in Banja Luka, also to be set up at the premises of Croatia’s consulates.

Thirteen polling stations will be available in Germany: one in Berlin, Dusseldorf and Hamburg each, two in Frankfurt, three in Munich and five in Stuttgart. Croatian voters will be able to cast their ballots at the Croatian Embassy in Austria and at two locations in Switzerland – Bern and Zurich.

Two polling stations are allocated in Serbia – Belgrade and Subotica. The Croatian Embassy in Rome and consulates in Milan and Trieste will set up voting booths for Croatians in that country.

Four locations have been allocated in Australia in Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Four polling stations will also be available in the United States in Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.