Parliamentary committee allocates funds for parties

Zagreb, 09.04.2014 - Sjednica Odbora za Ustav, Poslovnik i politièki sustva Hrvatskog sabora. Na slici predsjednik Odbora Peða Grbin. foto FaH/ Denis CERIÆ /ds

The parliamentary committee on the Constitution on Friday decided on the allocation of funds for the financing of parliamentary parties and independent MPs who will receive HRK 5 million more in 2015 than this year.

The parties will receive HRK 55 million in total, allocated according to the number of seats they had when the incumbent parliament was constituted. For each female MP, the parties will receive ten percent more money than for their male colleagues.

The ruling Social Democratic Party will receive HRK 22.24 million for its 42 male and 19 female MPs, HRK 1.8 million more than this year.

The strongest opposition Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) will receive HRK 16.2 million, HRK 1.7 million more than this year.

The Croatian People’s Party will receive HRK 4.7 million, the Labour Party HRK 2.15 million, the HDSSB 2.12 million kuna, while the IDS, the HSU and the SDSS will receive a little over one million kuna.

Committee chairman Pedja Grbin regretted that HDZ deputies did not attend today’s session.

The money will be allocated in four instalments.