Signatures handed over to Sabor for motorway referendum

Activists who launched a petition for a referendum against the government’s plan to lease motorways in order to monetise their state-owned operators’ debt, on Monday handed boxes with over 530,000 signatures to Parliament Speaker Josip Leko.

“We have collected 530,853 signatures of citizens who have thus sent a message to the government that they want to avert one more case of privatisation plunder,” activist Teodor Celakovski said before delivering the boxes.

Another activist, Mijat Stanic, said that they had collected the required number of signatures within the prescribed 15-day time span and that they now expected the parliament to check the signatures and continue with the procedure of calling the referendum in no more than 15 days.

Stanic said that the activists had combed the collected signatures to eliminate those that did not meet the set requirements, removing some 30,000 in the process.