Enough signatures for referendum against motorways monetisation

The initiative for a referendum against the proposed lease of motorways announced on Thursday it had collected enough signatures for the referendum against monetisation of the debt of two state-owned motorway operators.

According to preliminary results, the initiative has collected 487,612 signatures, or 113,000 more than required by the law, Teodor Celakoski of the Right to the City association told a press conference.

Under the law, calling a referendum requires signatures of 10 percent of the electorate, or 452,000 signatures. Since the signatures are still being counted, their number is expected to exceed 500,000.

Mijat Stanic of the Independent Road Workers Union said that the signatures would most probably be submitted to Parliament later next week and that they would give Parliament 15 days to check the signatures.

The initiative wants the referendum to be held on the same day as the presidential election to cut costs.