Activists call on Croatians to vote “No” at marriage referendum

Dozens of nongovernmental organisations dealing with various human rights issues on Wednesday rallied in downtown Zagreb to call on Croatians to vote against a constitutional definition of marriage as a union of a man and a woman during a referendum on this matter to be held in Croatia on 1 December.

Those activists said today that they were raising their voice against “injustice, manipulation, discrimination and intolerance”.

Some of them were carrying banners with messages such as “You are the only one who knows who your family are”, “It is human to be against”, “The Constitution is not a toy”.

They spoke about the importance of those who are against the definition of marriage as exclusively heterosexual matrimony to turn out at the referendum and vote against amending the Constitution so as to incorporate the definition of marriage as a union of a man and woman.

Some of activists claimed that the “yes” at the referendum would pave the way to totalitarianism.

About 40 civil society associations, that have launched this “anti-referendum” campaign, include feminist organisations, Green activists, the GONG association and the Serb Democratic Forum, among others.