Unions and NGOs against planned lease of motorways

Zagreb, 21.10.2013 - Javna tribina na temu "Prema platformi za zajednièka i javna dobra: Sluèaj monetizacije i dugoroène koncesije autocesta" u Hrvatskom novinarskom društvu. foto FaH/ Lana SLIVAR DOMINIÆ /ds

The government’s decision on the possible lease of motorways for 30 to 50 years was severely criticised by trade unions, nongovernmental organisations and experts at a panel discussion in Zagreb on Monday.

They said they would put together “a broad platform” of representatives of the public, NGOs and unions to press the government to reconsider its decisions, and would take action to have such an important matter decided on at a referendum.

The government decided on monetising the motorways without saying on the basis of what analysis such a decision was made. A request has been sent to the government to explain its decision, but there has been no reply to date and, under the Information Access Act, the deadline is running out on Friday, the panel said.