New education, science and technology strategy

Zagreb, 16.09.2013 - Konferencija za novinare u Banskim dvorima na kojoj je predstavljena Strategije obrazovanja, znanosti i tehnologije. Na slici posebni savjetnik predsjednika Vlade za znanost prof. Neven Budak predsatvio je strategiju. foto FaH/ Denis CERIĆ /ds

Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and Minister of Science, Education and Sports Zeljko Jovanovic on Monday announced a new education, science and technology strategy that should come into force in 2018 and which, as they said, would be founded on the idea of creating a society of equal opportunities based on know-how, where education and science are development priorities not only for Croatian society on the whole, but for each individual that lives in it.

The fundamental idea behind the strategy is the existence of a triangle of knowledge which consists of life-long learning, science and innovations. This comprehends a flexible system and its adaptability, the government’s adviser for science, Neven Budak, said presenting the strategy.

PM Milanovic underscored that the strategy was of national interest which required political consensus. He explained that Croatia had a relatively low number of highly educated adult citizens, which needs to change.

Minister Jovanovic stressed that the strategy presented today was a working draft and called on everyone to become actively involved in a two-month public debate.

He expects that the strategy will be adopted in parliament in February 2014, paving the way for legislative amendments and for a working group to be formed to prepare a national curriculum framework.