Croatian parliament enacts 145 laws since April

Zagreb, 13.03.2013 - Tomislav Karmarko i potpredsjednik Hrvatskog sabora Tomislav Èuljak tijekom sjednice Hrvatskog sabora. foto FaH/ Denis CERIÆ /ds

The Croatian Parliament was in session for 39 days or 266 hours from April to mid-July, discussing 197 items and enacting 145 laws, statistics presented to the press show.


MPs spent 1.3 hours on average discussing each item on the agenda, and of the 145 laws adopted, as many as 81 were adopted unanimously.

The Sabor held two sittings this year and was in session for a total of 64 days, passing 205 laws, of which 134 were aligned with European Union legislation.

The number of laws passed by the seventh Parliament, formed in December 2011, is even more impressive — 404. Parliament Speaker Josip Leko said that this was so because the top priority of Croatia at the time was to align its legislation with the acquis communautaire so that the country could join the EU.

Statistics concerning the activity of individual MPs show that the most active lawmaker in the last year and a half was Zoran Vinkovic of the regional HDSSB party who requested the floor as many as 756 times.