Parliament moves to regulate cooperation with government in EU affairs

Zagreb, 22.03.2013 - Sjednica Odbora za Ustav, Poslovnik i politièki sustav Hrvatskog sabora. Na slici predsjednik Odbora Peða Grbin, Tonino Picula, Marin Jurjeviæ i Nenad Staziæ. foto FaH/ Lana SLIVAR DOMINIÆ /ds

The Croatian Parliament took the first step on Thursday to formally regulate its cooperation with the Government in European affairs as its Committee on the Constitution and Standing Orders drew up a bill on such cooperation and forwarded it to Parliament for further consideration.

The bill defines the way in which representatives of Croatia will act in European Union institutions, Committee chairman Pedja Grbin said.

He added that the Committee on European Affairs would play an important role as it would assume supervision of the Government’s activities in EU institutions.

Opposition members of the Committee were critical, saying that there had been no serious discussion on the bill because of the hurry to pass it before July 1 when Croatia is due to join the EU.