GONG “turned” a new page on the old address

11. 04. 2012., Zagreb - Clanovi nestranacke udruge Gong fotografirani u prostorijama udruge na Trgu bana Jelacica. GONG je nestranacka udruga gradjana utemeljena 1997. radi poticanja gradjana na aktivnije sudjelovanje u politickim procesima. Duje Prkut, Nives Miosic, Korana Gacic Fuk, Tina Novak, Tanja Kapusta, Srdjan Novak, Albert Jedrejic, Jelena Berkovic, Danela Zagar, Natalia Mirkovic, Vanja Skoric, Dragan Zelic, Marina Skrabalo, Tamara Capeta, Berto Salaj, Robert Maracic, Iva Pinjusic. Photo: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL

Explore GONGs’ new web site, much clearer and more attractive, containing more information, that are organized into three main categories: electoral system, good governance and active citizens.

In order for information to be of the highest quality possible and for communication to focus on key policies and social processes, the interested public is now able to read professional journalists’ work and GONG’s, as well as other relevant studies and lively discussions on topics close to GONG’s activities.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, while interesting video clips can be viewed on GONG’s Youtube channel.

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Take a look at our new web site on a well-known address www.gong.hr/en.

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