Election Innovations Conference

In the year that the European Union has declared the European Year of Citizens, GONG held an international conference on “Innovation Fair Election” under the auspices of the President of the Croatian Parliament Josip Leko 19th and 20 March 2013. National and University Library in Zagreb 9:30 to 18:00 pm.

The aim of this international conference was to introduce innovations in the electoral process and ways of participation of citizens in decision-making and consider what Croatia could learn from the experiences of other countries with different levels of democratic development in order to successfully continue to improve the electoral process.

The conference brought together 11 international experts on the electoral process in the United States, Palestine, Great Britain, Italy, Slovenia, Iceland and other countries and numerous experts and practitioners. Through eight interactive panel discussions on participatory and direct democracy, representation of special groups in the parliaments, voter registration, and the role of new technologies and media in the electoral process, the financing of political parties and electoral administration.

The conference program and presentations of experts can be downloaded here:

Smari McCarthy, Icelandic Modern Media Initiative

Amy O’Donnell, Frontline SMS

Tihana Bartulac Blanc, Creative Associates International

Daniel A. Smith, University of Florida

Nikolai Vulchanov, ERIS

Tova Wang, Demos; National Democratic Institute

Ian Schuler, U.S. Department of State and founder of New Rights Group

Giovanna Maiola, Institut for media research, Osservatorio di Pavia

Lisa Rosenberg, Sunlight Foundation

Rok Praprotnik – Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, Slovenia

Ammar AL Dwaik, Birzeit University u Palestini

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